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0131 443 3372
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About Us
195 Slateford Road
EH14 1QA
0131 443 3372

We are located on the busy thoroughfare of Slateford Road in Edinburgh which is convenient for dropping off and picking up your vehicle on your way into or out of Edinburgh.  
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Our Background
We are a small but effective team who are very proud that over 98.5% of our customers have stated they would both return to us and refer friends and family to us. For a relatively small independent garage this is a fantastic statistic which we are determined to uphold.

Come to us for your next service, repair or MOT test and see for yourself why our customers are so positive and loyal.

Aims Of The Garage
The aim of the garage is to provide all the vehicle maintenance services you could need, to a very high quality and at a fair price. We do this by being completely open and honest with you while reassuring you that not a single employee is incentivised by finding additional work that your vehicle needs while it is in our care.

If your vehicle has a problem we will find it and tell you but in no way do we ever, ever fabricate or embellish the facts to pursue profitability. Can other garages you have tried say the same?

0131 443 3372
195 Slateford Road
EH14 1QA
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