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Please do leave us feedback on our Facebook or Comments pages as this helps us to become better partners with you and your car.
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Stenhouse Motor Engineers
Average Vote: 1785.0/5
Jeremy Sells
2019-08-29 14:38:06
Great service, very efficient and friendly! Highly recommend and will be back in the future.
Michelle Muggridge
2019-08-12 16:59:47
Exceptional service from this garage. They fitted me in and fixed my car inside an hour. I would recommend this garage to anybody, you get really good honest service.
Emily Govan
2019-08-09 20:18:46
Amazing service from the whole team at Stenhouse Motor Engineers. A particular mention to Kenny who helped me with an emergency burst car tyre on my way to my new job this morning! The team went above and beyond to make sure I made it on time to work. Thank you!
0131 443 3372
195 Slateford Road
EH14 1QA
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