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Please do leave us feedback on our Facebook or Comments pages as this helps us to become better partners with you and your car.
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Average Vote: 1645.0/5
Vikki Williams
2020-03-06 12:14:03
Took my car for MOT in November and then also for a full service in March as car is doing more mileage .Great service /Friendly and they explain everything and don't over price like some garages. I will keep using their services in the future
Graham Farmer
2020-01-09 17:09:19
Very grateful to Kenny for estimating cost of putting right defects and saying that would not for sure fix all the issues. I was therefore able to decide it was not viable to repair the car.
Kirsty H
2019-12-23 21:55:56
Phoned Kenny on a Friday afternoon after my car stopped picking up speed and my brake pads were grinding. Kenny managed to fit me in on the Monday when other garages I'd seen online first couldn't. He was also able to tell me over the phone what the problem was likely to be. Kept me up to date on the Monday while I was at work, gave me an estimate of price before ordering the parts needed and managed to get a discount on some of the parts. Got my car back the same day despite the garage being busy and Kenny kept the damaged parts to show me so I could be satisfied I wasn't being taken advantage of (always a concern for a female walking into a garage on her own!) Really pleased with the service, Kenny went above and beyond where other garages didn't.
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