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Gabby Russell
2019-10-25 07:31:03
Thanks to Kenny & the team for looking at our Ford Estate. Had recently had the suspension fixed at a Ford dealership after failing the MoT. Then had the typical creaks & groans indicative of suspension about to fail. Kenny investigated & found the part had been misfitted. He didn't charge a penny & advised we took it back to the dealership. Dealership said it wasn't them & they would charge £65 if we got them to investigate further. We insisted. They investigated, said there was no problem but charged us nothing. Strangely, after leaving the dealership, creakings & groanings have vanished. Thanks Kenny for your honesty, expertise and advice. We will be back again when we need work done and for further MoT's.
Pam Greig
2019-10-15 18:35:56
Thank you so much for helping out with my mini today. They were very helpful and gave me some good advice .The guy was really friendly. They gave the engine a quick steam clean to look for oil leak.
I will be back when I need my cars fixed in the future.Thank you again.
Claire Mottram
2019-10-15 16:05:48
I'm so thankful to Kenny and Stenhouse Garage today. Arnold Clark tried to charge me £700 at my last service - it didn't feel right as the car drove perfectly... so I took it to Stenhouse Garage, they looked at it straightaway and concluded nothing was actually wrong with my car! A bit of grease but no faulty parts and no advisories. Safe to drive and I'll go back to them at MOT time. They charged me nothing for looking at it, Kenny reassured me with a great explanation and they even gave my car a free wash, polish & hoover! Such honest guys and the best customer service I've received in a very long while. I will always take my car here from now on... Thank you Kenny.
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